Conversion Rate Optimsation

Landing Page Optimisation Strategies for 2015

How do you get customers to notice you and give you their undivided attention for a few minutes? Landing page optimisation. This is a sure shot way that you can use to convert visitors. Listed below are easy to follow landing page optimisation strategies that have worked wonders in 2015.

Easy always does it

One of the simplest ways to generate conversion for your landing pages is by making it easy for them to convert. Remove all distractions and noise from the page and create a bullseye which will show them exactly what you want them to see. Your landing page should be professional, have clarity and load fast.

Mobile landing page optimization

With so many people using their mobiles and tablets to do business you need to make your landing page mobile friendly. A few tips to make it user friendly – it should be accessible, fast, brief, call friendly and call to action should be compelling.

Social Media helps add more weightage

Today social media has an incredible power of persuasion. If your landing page has proof that people just like your users have used your product or service, they are more likely to sign up. A few ways to use social media to boost your landing page’s performance – endorsements from influencers, a few case studies, Facebook likes and other social media statistics.

Identifying buying stages

Before a user turns customer he/she goes through phases – they are looking for a service or a product, next they will start reading reviews and comparing prices before they can zero in on the right product and finally they are ready to complete the purchase. You need to make sure that your landing page matches your users intent.

A crystal clear call to action

Your call to action, CTA, needs to immediately capture your users attention and get him/ her to act right away. When designing your CTA make sure it has compelling content, it is action oriented, placed in the right location so it won’t be missed, larger than the rest of the text in landing page and easy to understand

How a user experience agency can help

2015’s landing page optimisation strategies are shifting focus from the website towards the user. To stay on top of this trend would require you to understand your user’s goals. If this is not your cup of tea, you can hire a user experience agency to collect data and conduct research. They will conduct A/B split tests and use other tools to determine how your landing page can be improved for better conversion optimisation. q

The art of analysing

There are several tools that you can use to analyse your landing page. This will help you find out where your users are getting stuck and how you can improve their experience. Once you identify the best landing page optimisation strategy you will be able to capture leads and turn them into potential customers. If you are ready to run you campaign, get cracking on your landing page.